Zirconium Based Bridges without metal support

In this system, zirconium, which is a white alloy, is used as porcelain infrastructure instead of metal.

zirkonyum 01ziekonyum 02Where can it be used?

  • Single tooth crown restorations
  • Bridges each having 3-6 members
  • Over implant crown – bridge works

What are its advantages?

  • The ceramics that are placed on the zirconium oxide infrastructure decrease the adherence rates of the food wastes and microorganisms to the tooth surface. By this way, it provides good oral hygiene.
  • The zirconium oxide does not transmit the heat and when you get hot and cold foods, no sensitivity occurs on your teeth.
  • The zirconium infrastructure is prepared with the computer supported CAD CAM system as untouched by human hands; for this reason, its harmony with and settling on the teeth are perfect.
  • It reflects the light very well and therefore, they are more esthetic than the metal supported porcelains.
  • The zirconium infrastructure is friendly to gingival and does not cause gingival recession,
  • Even the gingival is recessed due to the gingival disease; it does not leave a black line at the gingival border as in the metal. Because, the infrastructure is also in the tooth color.

zirkonyum 03

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