lazer 01As a word meaning, laser is single colored, smooth and energy carrying light beam. In the dentistry, it is used in the treatments such as cleaning the decay tissues on the teeth and realizing the gingival operations without pain, injection and anesthesia.

How can the treatment with laser be realized without pain, injection and anesthesia?

This feature is one of the biggest advantages of the laser. DelightEr:Yag Laser system water molecules work as having targets. The laser energy absorbed by water on the operated tissue forms small explosions at the target tissue. These small explosions unfasten the inter-tissue bounds and separate the tissues on the operated surface from each other. As it does not cause any thermal or mechanic effect, pain or sensitivity feeling is not observed on the patient. As the excision operation is realized as 1 millimeter away from the tissue, the treatment happens without pain, anesthesia and bleeding.

What is its difference from the laser-filling known among the community?

The laser-filling operation known among the community is not realized with the real laser. Indeed, the operation of the hardening of the composite based filling materials with the high light based halogen lampsis performed. The real tooth laser Delight does not have effect on the soft tissue while working on the hard tissue and the loss of healthy tissue is prevented.

What kinds of treatments can be realized in the dentistry with laser?

  • With Delight laser, all kinds of treatments concerning the hard and soft tissues can be realized. The followings can be realized successfully by using laser:
  • Cleaning of the decay tissues on the teeth,
  • Removal of the bone in the pull-out of the teeth which remain impacted in the bone,
  • Cleaning of the root edge cysts,
  • Widening and disinfection of the root canal and treatment of gingival infection,
  • Extension of the tooth lengths by the excision of the gingival for aesthetic purposes,
  • Tongue and lip tie cuts, intra-oral aptha and ulcer treatment, elimination of tooth sensitivities,
  • Elimination of the hyperpigmentation dependant discoloration on the gingival.

What are the advantages of laser?

  • Not making irritating sound during operation,
  • Not causing vibration,
  • Not injecting due to mostly not needing the anesthesia,
  • Not causing bleeding in the gingival operations,
  • Formation of a sterile region as it gives beam to the operated region,
  • Non-formation of sensitivity and pain after the treatments. 
  • As mostly anesthesia application is inconvenient in the individuals who are afraid of dentist and injection and also, especially pregnant women and individuals having serious disease such as heart defect, the laser usage is considerably advantageous.


Is it ideal for children?

As the first experiences obtained are very important and also determinant in the following periods of the life, it is a good choice in the treatment of the children brought to the dentist for the first time. Both non-realization of anesthesia and its quiet and non-vibratieng operation will prevent the children from running away from the dentist and tooth treatment.

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