They are generally made of titanium which is the most concordant material with the body tissues, least allergic and forming the least reaction. It is an operation of placement of an implant (screw) taking approximately 30-60 minutes long and realized under local anesthesia.

Under which conditions does an implant need to be applied?

  • Situations where there is one or more tooth missing and situations in which the excision of the teeth next to the cavity in the jaw is not requested to make bridge
  • Situations in which the tooth at the back-most of the jaw is not available and therefore the bridge cannot be made. As most of the patients in this situation do not want to use moving (removable / hooked) prosthesis, the implant can be realized and implant supported porcelain bridge. Which is more usable, can be used

Situations in which it is not possible to use total prosthesis (denture) in the completely toothless jaws or situations in which it is not requested by the patient. In this case, the implant is placed on every jaw and prostheses in various styles can be made on these implants.

What are the stages of the treatment applied for the placement of the implants?

The implant treatments are composed of two stages:

  • Surgery stage: After the implants are placed with the surgery method, 2 to 4 months are waited on average. This waiting duration is the duration required for osteointegration which is the biological integration of the implant with the jawbone.
  • The upper construction (prosthesis) stage: Which is the second stage, is completed in one week on average.

What are the advantages of implants?

  • Elimination of all kinds of total and partial toothlessness,
  • Possibility of fixed prosthesis instead of removable prostheses,
  • Elimination of single tooth missing without giving damages to the healthy teeth,
  • An implant which has been applied successfully and used in accordance with the hygiene criteria has a long life,

To whom is it appropriate to make implants?

What are the restrictions?

  • It is applied to the followings without upper age limit:
  • To adults who finished their puberty periods,
  • To the ones whose general heath situations are appropriate,
  • To the ones who are under control even though they have diabetes,
  • To the ones whose jawbone structure is at appropriate quality and amount and to the patients having the healthy bone structure having the potential to be reached to the adequate amount.

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